Monday, July 22, 2019
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Binance: Big uptick in Bitcoin OTC trades since rise to $5,000

The volume of over-the-counter Bitcoin trades on crypto-exchange titan Binance has significantly risen this month, according to Binance CFO Wei Zhao. That could be...

TrueDigital Expands Distribution of Its Bitcoin and Ether OTC Reference Rates

Institutional digital assets platform trueDigital Holdings has signed two new distribution deals...

Ripple’s XRP Receives Support On Crypto Exchange Huobi’s OTC Trading Platform

XRP adds another listing to its bag of goodies this year. The latest achievement that made the XRP community extremely excited was, of course,...

Bithumb Exchange Launches OTC Trading Desk for Digital Assets

South Korean-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has launched a global over-the-counter (OTC) trading...

Circle pushes OTC crypto trading, launches in France and Italy and adds group payments

Circle, which uses blockchain technology to do zero-cost instant payments, is launching in France and Italy, and also announcing a group payments application. In addition,...

BitKan Suspends Bitcoin OTC Trading due to Regulatory Pressure Related to ICO ban

The game is afoot in China, that much is evident. More specifically, there are rumors regarding  a crackdown on Bitcoin trading services....

Report: China Bitcoin Exchange Ban Won’t Affect OTC Trading

The Friday reports of China planning to shut down local bitcoin exchanges

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