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Motherboard is a multi-platform, multimedia publication, relying on long-form reporting, in-depth blogging, and video and film production to ensure every story is presented in its most gripping and relatable format. Beyond that, they are dedicated to bringing their audience honest portraits of the futures they face, so their readers can be better informed in their decision-making today.

oscar mayers

Oscar Mayer’s Cringey ‘Cryptocurrency’ Promotion Got Hit With a Cease-and-Desist

Because we live in a meme-saturated hellworld, meat and cold cut company Oscar Mayer is running a promotion called “Bacoin,” a cryptocurrency-inspired redemption program...

The ‘Holy Grail’ of Cryptocurrency Looks Like the Banks We Already Know and Hate

Cryptocurrencies came into being with an anti-bank fervor that still runs hot in the technology community. Libertarians see Bitcoin and the rest as an...

‘Bitcoin Yoga’ Sounds Like the Least Relaxing Thing Ever

Cryptocurrencies are not for the faint of heart. Their wild price swings and massive multi-million dollar hacks have rightfully earned them a reputation...

Immortalize Your Terrible Tweets on the Blockchain for the Low, Low Price of $9

UPDATE: Immediately after posting this article, the @totheblockchain account was suspended by Twitter. Jonathan Otto is working to get the account restored. We will...

Cryptocurrencies Were Never Good for Anybody But the Rich

The value of cryptocurrencies across the board skyrocketed last year due to speculative investing, and it feels as though early attempts to position digital...

Why a Cryptocurrency Mining Giant Is Burning Money in a ‘Black Hole’

Learning about cryptocurrency economics can be a bit like biting into an oatmeal cookie and finding raisins when you thought they were chocolate chips:...

Explore the Hidden Art on the Bitcoin Blockchain in ‘Message From the Mines’

When Bitcoin was first unleashed on the world nearly a decade ago, its anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto imagined that it would become a...

Suspected Icelandic Mastermind of $2M Bitcoin Heist Escaped Prison and Fled the Country

How far would you go for Bitcoin? While stories of people hoarding expensive equipment to mine cryptocurrency are all too common, a suspected...

Amazon Wins Patent for Data Stream to ‘Identify’ Bitcoin Users for Law Enforcement

Amazon, the online retail and technology giant owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, won a patent in the US for a subscription feed that...

A ‘Cryptocurrency’ Without a Blockchain Is Eating My City

The Drake General Store interior in Toronto. Image: Flickr/The Drake Hotel/Kayla RoccaYou can measure how much Toronto has changed in the last several years by...

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