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Altcoins Market: Monthly Overview

In August, the altcoin market managed to set a historic record, after a slowdown and the price drop at the end of the previous...

China’s Cryptocurrency Market After ICO Ban

People’s Bank of China (PBOC) recently banned ICOs for “illegal fundraising”. The local Chinese news site Caixin has released a list of ICOs likely...

Blockchain Tokenization Will Turn the World Into Massive Stock Market: CNBC

Blockchain technology is going to radically change the way we think of investment and finance in the coming years, says Balaji Srinivasan in an...

That’s Why the Blockchain Can Revolutionize the Real Estate Market

Just like the internet rendered it possible to send information, seamlessly, inexpensively and paperlessly without the need for any form...

Bitcoin’s Transaction Backlog Clears, No “Fee Market” in Sight

The bitcoin network has returned to somewhat normal operations after considerable backlog earlier this month which sent fees to $5 or...

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