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Security Breach: HECO Chain Bridge Compromised, $86.6 Million in Digital Assets at Risk

KEY TAKEAWAYSOver $86.6 million in digital assets, including ETH, SHIB, LINK, and stablecoins, are at risk due to a compromise in the HECO Chain...

Can Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun change Warren Buffett’s mind on bitcoin? He just paid US$4.57 million for a chance to try over lunch

Buffett once called bitcoin ‘probably rat poison squared’, while Sun, founder of Tron and Peiwo, is one of the cryptocurrency’s biggest fans Money...

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Odysee Announces Shift to Arweave, Aiming for Full Decentralization

Odysee is partnering with Arweave for decentralized data storage.The move aims to make Odysee more creator-centric and censorship-resistant.A Decentralised...

WazirX Halts Deposits and Withdrawals Following Massive $235M Hack

Cryptocurrency exchange WazirX has stopped processing deposits and withdrawals after suffering a $235 million hacker attack.

New Financial Systems: Surveillance and Tokenization Threaten Inclusion

The new financial governance system promises inclusion but raises serious exclusion fears.Digital IDs and blockchain technology could lead to...

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