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Power-sucking Bitcoin ‘mines’ spark backlash

Bitcoin "miners" who use rows of computers whirring at the same time to produce virtual currencies began taking root along New York's...

Blockchain Pioneer Lisk on the philosophy of decentralisation

Remember the joke about the two men in the woods who meet a bear – one says to the other, "I...

Top 10 Trends for Blockchain Technology in 2018 and Beyond

The recent crypto crash this past February (and continuing into April) instills ripples of fresh fear, uncertainty, and doubt into 2018. Could...

From airfare, energy and onto packaging: Blockchain helps industries go green

Recently, Air India made it a policy to go completely green with vegetarian, nearly vegan meals for all passengers except business...

Blockchain: An evolution in venture capital investment

Over two million people tune in each week to watch the UK's top entrepreneurs and inventors pitch their latest ideastoa group...

Decentralizing Stablecoin: The way forward for cryptocurrencies

The rapid rise of cryptocurrencies, as exemplified by the huge run-up in demand in the third and fourth quarters of 2017,...

Messari: Building a Bloomberg for the crypto-asset universe

The universe of decentralized tokens is currently enjoying its Big Bang; you could say it's in a state of chaos. Some...

Ethereum: Adapting security tooling to blockchain-built software

Blockchain native software is in its infancy but the technology races forward to meet more and more use cases. The community...

Thank you, Kanye: Music could be one of blockchain

Blockchain technology is a new financial frontier with broad social, economic and cultural possibilities. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have only...

How blockchain and biometrics are set to empower users

At the beginning of the month, it was announced that JD.com (or JingDong), China's e-commerce titan, would be expanding to the...

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