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Don’t Spend A Cent On Bitcoin Until You See John Oliver’s Cryptocurrency Warning

Confused by cryptocurrencies? Baffled by bitcoin? “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver is here to help with a funny-but-thorough explanation of all the terms being...

Someone Created A Cryptocurrency Based On Bananas

This sounds like a bad line in a “Planet of the Apes” film, but there’s now a cryptocurrency based on bananas. It’s called Bananacoin,...

Bitcoin Plummets On Fears Of Regulatory Crackdown, Hits 4-Week Low

LONDON (Reuters) - Bitcoin tumbled 18 percent on Tuesday to a four-week trough close to $11,000, after reports that a ban on trading...

The Bitcoin Hoax | HuffPost

Imagine an unholy alliance between cyber-utopians, money-launderers, financial fraudsters and ultra free-marketeers. What sort of toxic contraption might they dream up? Remind...

Bitcoin Is An Insult To Markets. So Are The GOP Tax Cuts.

Bitcoin is an ongoing insult to market economies everywhere. It shouldn’t exist ― indeed, in important respects, bitcoin doesn’t really exist at all...

Bitcoin will double to $2,000 USD and More: The Tapscotts on Blockchain in 2017

This article was co-authored with Alex Tapscott. In this CoinDesk 2016 in Review special feature, Don and his son Alex chart a...

Millennials Are Creators of New Economy

By AsiaToday reporter Jina Koh -"Millennials are unprecedented." As former MySpace CEO Mike Jones said, it's hard to define the millennials. Whether...

What is Bitcoin Mining? A Step-by-Step Guide

Bitcoin may be the next big thing in finance, but it can be difficult for most people to understand how it works. There...

5 Incredible Ways The Blockchain is Reshaping The Supply Chain

Cryptocurrencies have gained mass popularity and acceptance across the globe. The brilliance of the technology from which they sprung baffles and attracts new...

Why Bitcoin Could Be More Important Than the Internet: Here’s why

The ninth year into its journey, people's trust in Bitcoin is growing at an exponential rate reaching new audiences. Hacker-money, as it was...

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