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FB Touched Base With Fed On Crypto

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell revealed that Facebook has spoken to the central bank about its upcoming cryptocurrency, called Libra.“Facebook, I believe, has made...

Facebook discussed launch of cryptocurrency Libra with the Fed

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg arrives to testify following a break during a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee...

Congressman Wants To Ban Bitcoin Because It Threatens The Fed

Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, Here’s our weekly roll-up of some of the most bizarre (and often disturbing) stories from around the world that...

Is bitcoin trying to fight the Fed? RT’s Keiser Report has the answer

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin has soared above $5,400 as the US Federal Reserve signals that interest rates will likely remain flat until...

US Fed Concerned About Potential System Risks Of A Crypto Market Collapse

The global financial crisis taught financial system leaders to plan for the “known unknowns.” Bank stress tests may have to evolve.The 2008 collapse of...

Fintech Companies Propose Use of Crypto to US Fed

In a report by the Faster Payment Task Force, fintech companies have outlined how Blockchain technology can be used to make payments faster for...

‘Bitcoin Sign Guy’ Nets Almost $15,000 After Fed Chair Appearance Goes Viral

Blockchain data reveals that it pays to be the...

Bitcoin: Yellen Fed Testimony Crashers Say ‘Buy Bitcoin’

Less than two hours into Fed chairwoman Janet Yellen's testimony to...

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