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Fidelity Crypto Chief Says Hard Fork May Delay Firm’s Support for Ethereum

Fidelity Digital Assets (FDAS) will take its time about adding support for...

MakerDAO Opens Token Holder Vote on Fee Hike for Ethereum Stablecoin

The open-source developer group behind the dollar-pegged, ethereum-backed stablecoin DAI is considering...

The Ledger: Facebook’s Endgame, Stablecoins’ Fight to Death, Ethereum Upgrade

Facebook is undergoing a major transformation--the likes of which haven't been seen in Menlo Park since since the company reinvented itself for the mobile...

Decentralized Ethereum Based Options Held Up by Regulatory Concerns

The future of finance might have to wait for old bureaucrats in SEC halls to wrap their head around a new world of...

Ethereum Price Loses 5% yet Traders Continue to Accumulate

A lot of things happen in the cryptocurrency world every single week. Most of those developments gain some form of traction, whereas...

Bitcoin (BTC) Vs. Ethereum (ETH) – Vitalik Buterin Is Laying Out The Differences

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin seems to be making comparisons between projects a lot these days. The most recent one is BTC vs. ETH.Buterin highlights the...

Ethereum Developers Start Search for New Hard Fork Coordinator

Developers in the ethereum community are seeking a new specialist to help coordinate...

Ethereum Blocks Drop to 12 Seconds

Average block times in ethereum have dropped to their lowest level ever at just 12.5 seconds, down from 21 seconds per block. That’s...

Ethereum Foundation Director Sets New Vision for Blockchain Non-Profit

“When the Ethereum Foundation was founded, the Ethereum Foundation was ethereum. People...

QuadrigaCX Missing Crypto Case: 600k Ethereum (ETH), Found – Deceased CEO Reportedly Hid Crypto...

Remember the Canadian crypto exchange that was utterly struck by the most unfortunate event?QuadrigaCX is Canada’s largest exchange had bad luck a while ago.After...

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