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Distributed Digest: Friday, January 18, 2019

Constantinople is set to arrive late February, the Parity Fether beta is out, and MarbleCards moves to transform internet culture into non-fungible tokens.Your daily...

Constantinople Now Scheduled for 27th February, ProgPoW Decision Seemingly Reversed

Ethereum developers have now set a new block number for Constantinople which is to occur at block 7,280,000, estimated to be on or around 27th...

Beacon Chain To Finalize Ethereum 1.0 Chain

January 18, 2019 10:18 PMIn today’s core devs call, Vitalik Buterin and Danny Ryan discussed how the coming proof-of-stake beacon can be used to...

10,000 TPS for Unit-e? American Professors Developing Cryptocurrency

10,000 TPS for Unit-e? American Professors Developing Cryptocurrency Last year, a team of American professors joined forces to create...

Six Insane Crypto Market Scenarios For 2019: ETH Drops To $1, BTC Surges To...

2017 was the year of spectacular rallies, and 2018 marked a terrible market crash, and many are wondering what could 2019 bring new.At the...

XRP Price Momentum Sours Following “Private Ledger” Claims

It remains very tough going for all cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets on the market. Any positive outbreak is quickly pushed down,...

Stock Exchange Of Thailand To Apply For Digital Asset License

Thailand’s primary bourse could join just a handful of national stock exchanges to operate separate digital asset exchanges.The Bangkok Post reports that the country's...

The Bitcoin Cash Mining Death Spiral Scenario

The concept of a bitcoin mining death spiral has been around for many years. The basic idea is a large number of bitcoin miners...

Dogecoin Price Falters due to Lack of Dogethereum Updates

Even though many speculators expected Dogecoin to go through a bull run, it hasn’t happened as of yet. In fact, the opposite...

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