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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Microsoft Launch Token Taxonomy Initiative

EEA executive director Ron Resnick and Microsoft's Marley Gray talk about their new enterprise blockchain consortium, which includes companies like IBM, Intel, and ConSenSys.Read...

Why we built our blockchain business on EOS instead of Ethereum

This is a guest post by Satya Avala - the co-founder and CTO of Ampersand Markets and former director of engineering at Yahoo Finance. The...

Core Ethereum Developers Discuss Upgrades, Hard Forks

During this week's core devs call, Péter Szilágyi, Martin Holst Swende, and Joseph Delong, among others, talk about the difficulty of creating more hard...

A Fight Over Specialized Chips Threatens an Ethereum Split

In July 2016, Ethereum endured an early test of faith. The people behind the barely year-old blockchain had taken Bitcoin’s idea of decentralized money...

Holy cow! What’s next for Ethereum upgrade ProgPow?

It’s been hotly debated. The community has been surveyed. There was even a “coin vote” and a miner vote.  Despite sentiment being overwhelmingly in...

Decrypt Guide: The future of Ethereum

Ethereum was presented, at its inception, as the World Computer. Since then, it has grown to be the largest blockchain platform with thousands of...

ProgPoW prompts another Ethereum governance row

“Ethereum governance has failed,” Ethereum core developer and project manager Lane Rettig tweeted on Saturday. “We are a de facto technocracy, where a small...

Most of EOS and Tron dApps Are Related to Gambling or ‘High-Risk’ Activities

While the dApp war between Ethereum, EOS, and Tron continues, Hard Fork has recently taken a closer look at what they actually offer. After...

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Talks Competition with Ethereum and Tron

Cardano is one coin that is showing decent growth amongst a sea of small losses today. Is it because project Shelley is on the...

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