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The Ultimate Guide To Understanding EOS Accounts

EOS uses a different account structure than most cryptocurrencies you know. While it might seem complex at first, it is not that difficult once...
lumi wallet integrates eos

Lumi Wallet integrates EOS, announces support for EOS block producers and DApps

The development team of Lumi Wallet continues to broaden its ecosystem and isn’t going to slow down. In the latest update, Lumi wallet introduces...

EOS block producers scrap consitution for new user agreement

The EOS block producers, who run the blockchain network, created a new user agreement governing the EOS cryptocurrency on Friday. Anyone who uses the...

Why we built our blockchain business on EOS instead of Ethereum

This is a guest post by Satya Avala - the co-founder and CTO of Ampersand Markets and former director of engineering at Yahoo Finance. The...

Crypto exchange Bithumb hacked for $13 million EOS

Bithumb, South Korea’s largest crypto exchange,  was hacked last night for three million EOS ($13 million). This is the second time the exchange was...

Most of EOS and Tron dApps Are Related to Gambling or ‘High-Risk’ Activities

While the dApp war between Ethereum, EOS, and Tron continues, Hard Fork has recently taken a closer look at what they actually offer. After...

EOS Price Remains Afloat as EOS/BTC Notes Solid Gains

The big question of the day is if and when the top cryptocurrency markets will show any signs of recovery So far,...

EOS Price Doesn’t Budge as EOSFinex Beta Release Draws Near

As the top markets continue to struggle for any real traction, it quickly becomes apparent today will not be the best of...

EOS Co-Founder Has A Massive Bitcoin (BTC) Prediction – BTC To Reach $333,333?

The crypto space has been flooded with Bitcoin-related predictions this year.The great thing is that so far, most of them have been bullish and...

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