Monday, July 22, 2019
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Beware of Bitcoin Investment Emails Pushing Clipboard Hijackers

A new malspam campaign is under that contains an attachment that when executed will install a Windows clipboard hijacker that attempts to steal...

Aventus ICO Investors Get Scammed Through Compromised Slack and Spoofed Emails

Almost no week goes by without a cryptocurrency ICO suffering from a hack of some sorts. Tens of millions of Dollars have been lost...

Unknown Ransomware Is Distributed Through Fake IRS Emails – The Merkle

Whenever the IRS issues a statement regarding technology or cryptocurrency, there is plenty of reason to be concerned. In some cases, however, the institution...

New Satoshi Nakamoto E-mails Revealed

Mike Hearn, a former Bitcoin Core developer who moved to R3, has confirmed that newly revealed e-mail exchanges with Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin’s...

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