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Thailand, the Land of Smiles, is beaming on tourists, blockchain and cryptocurrencies alike to...

As digital landscapes shift between the new and the old, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have quietly risen in popularity, particularly as countries experiment with emerging...

You Can Now Donate to the Tor Project in 9 Different Cryptocurrencies

The Tor Project, a digital anonymity-focused nonprofit, is now accepting cryptocurrency donations...

Venezuela and Cryptocurrencies: Alternatives for Country Amid Economic Blockade

On 14 March, Reuters reported, citing a top US official, that the Trump administration is considering banning Visa and MasterCard transactions in Venezuela.This could...

The Future of Cryptocurrencies: 3 Predictions for the Crypto Market

If you look at the history of cryptocurrencies, you will be amazed by how far the industry has come. By now, the crypto market...
ethereum and bitcoin coins sitting on a computer

5 Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2019: What You Need to Know

2018 was a bad year for those in the virtual currency market. With Bitcoin losing more than 80% of its value, there were discussions about...

Thai SEC Bans Three Cryptocurrencies from ICO Investment, Trading Pairs

Thailand’s financial markets regulator has banned several cryptocurrencies as a means to...

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