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Stablecoins and payment processors to take crypto mainstream » Brave New Coin

If we are going to take cryptocurrency mainstream then it's time to start using stablecoins and payment processors. The biggest barrier to cryptocurrency adoption right...

IOTA tease information of ‘Project Q’ ahead of launch » Brave New Coin

Distributed ledger technology-based company IOTA is continuing to expand its business with the release of its highly-anticipated ‘Project Q’. The project has been the subject...

Ethereum Price Analysis – Tokenization or Securitization » Brave New Coin

Ethereum (ETH) has experienced a 20% jump this week, returning to prices last seen in early March. The market cap now stands at US$77.51...

How Hyperledger nudges business interest in the blockchain » Brave New Coin

Blockchain technology has brought together a unique combination of three computer concepts: peer-to-peer networks, public-key cryptography, and distributed consensus mechanisms.In the multitude of applications,...

Don’t cry for Argentina’s peso, as bitcoin interest rises » Brave New Coin

And so the decades-long decline of the Argentine peso continues, down now 16 percent against the dollar this year. In the past five years...

Will millennials be a cashless generation? » Brave New Coin

Perhaps surprisingly, it's the emerging economies that are the early and most avid adopters of new payment methods. In India, 56 percent of consumers...

Japan pressures exchanges to drop Monero, Zcash and Dash » Brave New Coin

The FSA—Japan’s equivalent to the SEC— are said to have discouraged exchanges from listing Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC) and Dash (DASH). These cryptocurrencies are...

The first five questions to ask before investing in a blockchain project » Brave...

There are now over 1,580 cryptocurrencies (as of writing) in circulation, according to CoinMarketCap. And while most of us know the basics when it comes to...

How artificial intelligence is affected by bias in data » Brave New Coin

The inherent human “negative bias” is a byproduct of our evolution. In order to survive it is of primal importance to be able to...

SALT Price Analysis – A smart contract lending platform which use crypto-backed collateral »...

SALT is a loan platform that aims to marry the old and new world of finance by enabling cryptocurrency collateralized blockchain-backed loans with smart...

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