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Exposed MongoDB Server Exposes Details of Cryptocurrency Users

Security researchers have stumbled across a MongoDB database containing the personal details of over 25,000 users who invested in or received Bezop...

Internet Explorer Zero-Day Exploited in the Wild by APT Group

An advanced persistent threat (APT), a term sometimes used to describe nation-state-backed cyber-espionage units, is using a zero-day vulnerability in the Internet...

Denial-of-Spending and Inflation Bugs Found in Several Cryptocurrencies

A team of academics has identified an issue with the Zerocoin protocol, along with two security flaws in libzerocoin, the software library...

Windows Servers Targeted for Cryptocurrency Mining via IIS Flaw

Hackers are leveraging an IIS 6.0 vulnerability to take over Windows servers and install a malware strain that mines the Electroneum cryptocurrency....

$3.3 Million Stolen From Coinsecure Bitcoin Exchange, Inside Job Suspected

The CEO of Coinsecure, an India-based cryptocurrency exchange, has accused his CSO of stealing 438 Bitcoin —around $3.3 million at today's exchange...

HTTP Injector Apps Are Becoming a Popular Method to Obtain Free Internet Access

"HTTP injector" apps traded in public Telegram channels are becoming a popular method of gaining free Internet access on mobile devices. Such...

LockCrypt Ransomware Cracked Due to Bad Crypto

The team at Malwarebytes has identified a weakness in the encryption scheme utilized by the LockCrypt ransomware that they can exploit to...

Hacker Uses Exploit to Generate Verge Cryptocurrency out of Thin Air

An unknown attacker has exploited a bug in the Verge cryptocurrency network code to mine Verge coins at a very rapid pace...

Google Bans Chrome Extensions That Mine Cryptocurrencies From the Web Store

Google announced that effective today, the Chrome Web Store review staff would stop accepting new extensions on the Web Store that perform...

Cloudflare’s DNS Service Makes the Internet More Private & Faster

Today, a free DNS resolution service called was unveiled that makes looking up Internet address not only faster, but more private. This...

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