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Enthusiasts Build a Cryptocurrency Node Cluster with Raspberry Pis – The Merkle

One of the more interesting aspects of the cryptocurrency industry is that all coins require a network of nodes to keep the ecosystem...

Chaos at European Checkouts as Visa Card Network Crashes

The world’s biggest payments processor is down, bringing chaos across Europe as individuals suddenly find themselves unable to pay for train tickets, food shopping,...

CBDC Roundup: Hong Kong Has ‘No Plans,’ BoE Continues Mulling Issuance

High-ranking government officials continue to speak out on the possibility of central bank digital currencies.In the last several days, officials from Hong Kong and...

What Is Coin Supply Distribution and Why Does It Matter?

Decentralization is a common topic in cryptocurrency, and in fact is one of the main underpinnings of using distributed software to run asset networks...

Estimating Bitcoin Fees Via a Neural Network

Inside nnfee: Estimating Bitcoin Fees Via a Neural Network At the confluence of machine learning and the cryptoverse is nnfee...

Ethereum Wallet imToken Raises US$10M Series A From IDG Capital

Image: imToken mobile appCryptocurrency digital wallet imToken has raised US$10 million in a Series A funding round from IDG Capital, a Chinese investment firm...

Meet Silvergate’s Alan Lane, who’s bankrolling cryptocurrency exchanges

Five years ago, when bitcoin was still at the fringes of mainstream awareness, Silvergate invited in young crypto exchanges and asked them what problems...

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