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The Force Behind Blockchain Technology

In the current era of Blockchain evolution a new concept has emerged: tokenization. Tokenization is an intrinsic part of the Blockchain technology that serves...

Bitcoin Cash support finalized for BitPay and Copay wallets

Two weeks ago, BitPay, the Atlanta-based bitcoin payment company launched beta support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) within its open-source Copay wallet. Last week, the...

Xapo: You Can Have Your Bitcoin Cash, but We’re Not Supporting It

Bitcoin services provider Xapo is allowing users to access Bitcoin Cash balances from any Bitcoin they owned pre-fork. However there’s a catch: you’ll need...

As Predicted, XRP Prices Passes BCH

By Published : ...

What Are Some Indicators of a Great Cryptocurrency to Invest In?

When deciding which cryptocurrency to invest in thorough...

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