Monday, July 22, 2019
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Dutch ‘Big Brother’ creator sues Facebook over fake Bitcoin ads

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch billionaire businessman John de Mol filed a lawsuit against Facebook in an Amsterdam court on Wednesday, saying the social media...

Facebook Removed Pre-Approval for Some Cryptocurrency-Related Ads

  Facebook announced an update to the platform's advertising policies which removes the requirement of businesses to get pre-approved for cryptocurrency ads related to blockchain...

This browser will pay you in cryptocurrency to look at ads

It may sound like a scam, but in fact it’s a new feature available to users of the privacy-focused internet browser called Brave. The...

Bing Blocks Millions of Cryptocurrency Ads in 2018 Alone

  Bing has reportedly blocked millions of cryptocurrency ads in 2018 alone in a lingering element of the year’s great crypto ban. According to a post...

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