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MyCrypto Acquires Ambo for the Next Wave of New Crypto Users

An open-source blockchain interface that is aiming to simplify the process of storing, sending, and receiving crypto assets, has today announced its acquisition of...

Why ‘Mainstream Adoption’ Is an Unfair Success Metric for Dapps

Coleman Maher is the head of partnerships at Origin Protocol, a blockchain...

Distributed Digest: Monday, January 14, 2019

ProgPoW is reviewed by Nvidia and AMD, Ethereum nodes upgrade to Constantinople, and 0x launches its Market Maker Program.Your daily distillation of crypto news...

Distributed Digest: Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Veil prediction market platform is launching on the Ethereum mainnet soon, a tutorial to quickly deploy the Görli testnet is out, and ShapeShift...

NFT Ecosystem to be Explored at First-of-Its-Kind NFT.NYC Next Month

Next month, NFT.NYC will be taking place, bringing together gamers, artists, blockchain developers, and fans to showcase the impact that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are...

EthHub Provides A New Way To Learn About Ethereum

The auditable repository, officially announced yesterday, is meant for greenhorns and experts alike.The Ethereum ecosystem has grown significantly since the blockchain's debut in 2015....

Decentralized Exchange Spotlight: Lake Trade

In the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, new innovative projects show up on a regular basis. Although it will always be challenging...

Ethereum Overtakes XRP to Most Valuable Altcoin, Gains 80% in Last Two Weeks

After one and a half months trailing XRP as the most valuable altcoin, Ethereum has finally returned to its position. Ethereum...

What Was Crypto’s Most Important Event in 2018? Experts Have Their Say

The year 2018 hasn’t been short of important events and milestones, good, bad and ugly. For one, the year began with...

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