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There were times when owning large data centres was the privilege of a few large enterprises. Let alone the start-ups who had to shell out a huge sum to own servers. The direct result of this humongous shortcoming was that of innovation, as any increase in developmental capacity required additional infrastructure development, mounting to increased cost yet again.

The cloud-based computing services changed this shortcoming forever. Servers could now be taken on ‘rent’ and the infrastructural capacity increased with a mere few clicks. However, problems arose, as the market began to be dominated by a few large players.

This inherent approach of absolute control by a few large players has given rise to an increase in the cost of the offered services despite the attempted illusion of a ‘price war’. With increasing monopoly and with power in the hands of a large few, upward surge in the prices of cloud-based services are only set to continue the upward trend.

This is where Unchainet comes in and is set to redefine the future of cloud-based computing services forever. With an unmatched blockchain technology and a profusion of other features, Unchainet is set to end the monopolistic approach of the prevalent market and usher in a new era of cloud-based resource sharing services, the pricing of which would be at a fraction of the conventional costs.

Unchainet- The features

  • Blockchain technology that offers complete security, transparency, reliability and efficiency.
  • QoS technology that transparently monitors individual nodes for quality and trustworthiness.
  • A platform that unifies individuals, hosting providers and companies with underutilized datacentres to get worldwide reach within minutes by connecting to the Unchainet network and also earn revenue at the same time through the open internet thus creating the perfect ‘Beneficial Mining’ opportunity.
  • Innovative consensus algorithm called ‘Proof of Beneficial Work’ (PoBW) based on the ‘Byzantine fault tolerance’ (BFT) algorithm.
  • UNET– Unchainet’s unique cryptocurrency, as a means of exchange to enable true cross-border and real-time sharing of computing power without restrictions.
  • Cryptocurrency payments that offer faster transactions with increased capacity, lesser transaction costs, reduced energy cost and complete decentralization for transparency.
  • Desktop and mobile based Unchainet wallet to send or receive UNET tokens peer-to-peer.
  • Service Accounts for purchasing computing resources from Unchainet.
  • Providers, clients and developers– Each having their respective unique advantages on the Unchainet platform.

The Cost Advantage

One of the major advantages of the Unchainet platform is its cost effectiveness. At a fraction of the conventional cost of today’s prevalent system, Unchainet intends the platform to be funded by fees from computer resource trading thereby enable free transactions for individuals and at a minimal fee for organizations that require bulk processing.

Since the Unchainet blockchain engine can be compared to running a large server application, the total energy consumption and cost is negligible compared to the existing blockchain platforms.

UNET based transactions further ensure that the cost on the platform remains cost-effective. This is due to:

  • Enabling microtransactions makes UNET way above the rest as the average transaction cost for Bitcoin is at $10 thus rendering it expensive. UNET thus becomes the preferred cryptocurrency for microtransactions over existing cryptocurrencies.
  • Processing 3-4 transactions per second require large computer farms thus making it expensive with high energy cost. The UNET can be used to process around 10000 transactions per second using the Unchainet blockchain hence reducing the energy cost by a huge margin.

134,000,000 UNET tokens are being distributed for sale of the total 200,000,000 UNET tokens under the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT). This means that 67% of the total 200,000,000 UNET tokens are being distributed.

The remaining distribution are as follows: 13% to Team & Advisors, 10% to Partners & Provider incentives and the final 10% towards Liquidity Reserve. The vision and the technology implementation for hassle-free cloud-based shared computing services makes Unchainet a company worth consideration for investing in.

Unchainet is set to redefine the cloud-based computing services and is well on its way to being a leader in this space.

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