News Stratis Releases Sidechains Alpha and Launches Academy

Stratis Releases Sidechains Alpha and Launches Academy


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The Stratis Blockchain-as-a-Service platform has taken yet another step forward to ease enterprise adoption of blockchain technology by releasing the alpha version of the Stratis sidechain, as well as launching their Stratis Academy.

The project, which enables developers to code end-to-end solutions in C# on the .Net framework, is continuing their momentum, having recently launched the alpha version of smart contracts in C# and an ICO platform.

Excited on how it will help enterprise teams keep up with developments, Stratis CEO Chris Trew says:

Sidechains provide a means to quickly provision, sandbox and deploy a bespoke blockchain tailored to specific enterprise processes. Because Stratis sidechains remain linked to the well-established Stratis mainchain, enterprises can be certain their blockchain implementations will continue to benefit from enhancements made by our core team of highly-experienced developers.

Sidechains have been touted as one possible method to the scaling problem that cryptocurrencies face, as it takes the burden off the main chain. In fact, Bitcoin’s Lightning Network and OmiseGO’s Plasma Network both employ transaction mechanisms that handle transactions outside the main network, and the former has made visible improvements to transaction rates.

What gives Stratis an edge is that it additionally allows block sizes and intervals to be customized by the developer, handing them even more power by letting them decide how many transactions can take place in a block. Startis also allows sidechain wallets to transfer funds between the sidechains and the main chain, and are backed by the project’s token, STRAT.

Sidechains will be bolstered by the other features that Stratis is working on, including cross-chain interoperability and the ability to use run smart contracts on them.

On the whole, sidechains will make it easier for enterprise teams to deliver reliable, customized and secure blockchain solutions tailored to their needs, and the alpha version will help them refine their product.

The Stratis Academy: A Learning Hub for Developers

C# may have one of the largest developer communities in the world, and remains a go-to tool for the development of business applications. However, the community still lacks a central source of information for developing blockchain-related applications in C#. That’s what Stratis is aims to address with the launch of Stratis Academy.

As the team themselves put it, they want the academy to be “the learning hub for developers to gain first-hand experience in blockchain technology.” The academy, which can be accessed here, starts from the ground up, covering the basics of blockchain technology, with each successive module tackling various features of the Stratis platform and includes code examples of how to deploy smart contracts.

Developers now have the tools they need to start preparing and designing C#-based blockchain technology for their businesses, which will give them a headstart, as we know well that several businesses in various industries are mulling over how to employ the technology to improve the efficiency of their services.

Stratis has already hit many of their objectives for the first half of 2018, and as they launch the remaining features detailed on their roadmap, the integration process for enterprise developers will only become easier and more efficient.

It is an exciting time for blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market, as milestones such as the ones that Stratis has just hit are indicative of the technology going beyond its early roots and adapting to various needs. It is a sign that blockchain and cryptocurrency will not be an esoteric application for much longer.

For a more detailed look at the project, read our guide to Stratis.



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