The Ripple and XRP community are in the middle of their celebration after the big announcement made by Coinbase.

They might feel that haters are after them after reading the data presented below. It might seem that people just don’t want Ripple and XRP to succeed.

Diar shows that XRP is violating one of Coinbase’s requests for listing

But the sad truth is that the info comes from the blockchain research company Diar and it was reported by Cointelegraph.

It looks like Ripple’s XRP is violating one of Coinbase’s listing rules even though the digital asset received support on the Coinbase Pro platform just the other day.

There’s a report dating from February 26 which states clearly that XRP breaks one of the exchange’s requirements to be listed on the platform.

In its “Digital Asset Framework,” Coinbase states that “the ownership stake retained by the team is a minority stake,” while, according to Diar, Ripple holds around 60% percent of the supply in escrow with a release schedule.

XRP is trading on Coinbase Pro

As you all know, Coinbase Pro just added support for XRP. XRP trading is officially live on Coinbase Pro.

Ripple’s digital asset is paired with Bitcoin, the US dollar and the Euro.

This announcement was received with massive excitement by the Ripple and XRP community who have been waiting for it for quite a while.

After the announcement, XRP surged in price, and the digital asset’s market cap surged by over a billion dollars in just an hour.

The Ripple and XRP community will probably not react positively after Diar’s report.

“Last December saw Coinbase release a list of 31 potential candidate tokens to be listed on its exchange, and this week saw the first addition of the year, XRP (Diar, 10 December 2018),” they mention about XRP.

They continue and say that “Coinbase has now clearly abandoned one of their own pillars for the potential listing of a cryptocurrency.” We recommend that you read the whole report released by Diar.

Anyway, the XRP trading is now live, and Ripple fans don’t have anything to worry about since Coinbase has already made its decision.



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