The debate involving centralization has been surrounding XRP for quite a while now.

More voices are claiming that the crypto is a scam and the project is centralized, and this is especially because Ripple owns such a big part of XRP.

Brad Garlinghouse has been defending the digital asset more than once claiming that XRP is decentralized and providing various reasons for this.

Among them, there’s the fact that XRP could very well exist if Ripple, the company were gone.

A server outage at Ripple might be proof of decentralization

Now, something happened which has been used by the XRP enthusiasts to prove their point that the digital asset is not centralized.

There’s been a server outage at Ripple, and it looks like this could be a solid proof that XRP is not centralized, Bitcoinexchangeguide just reported.

This recent event managed to trigger a whole controversial debate on Twitter with some users even saying that Ripple was the one that orchestrated the whole thing just to prove that XRP is not centralized.

What happened was that even if Ripple’s servers were down, XRP continued to trade.

User @mick10572319 jokingly said, as cited by the online magazine mentioned above, that the firm might have just pulled an exit scam.

“Had our money and gone lol,” @LeoHadjiloizou replied saying that Ripple was only performing an upgrade.

The outage lasted for four hours but fans were curious what happened and the debate continued on Twitter with people claiming that this is proof of decentralization, and others saying that it has nothing to do with it.

Someone said “Not a ripple hater but just to point out this whole “ripple is down & xrp is still trading” doesn’t prove anything. It’s common to have the front end of your website hosted separately. It was a temporary outage and its back, nothing more to it.”



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