News Provenance Helps Arkansas Farmers Track Food With Ethereum

Provenance Helps Arkansas Farmers Track Food With Ethereum


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Provenance hops across the pond to offer Arkansas farmers blockchain-based supply chain solutions.

Chicken products sold by San Francisco-based Golden Gate Meat Company can now be tracked on the Ethereum blockchain thanks to a partnership between charitable group Heifer USA, Grass Roots Farmer’s Cooperative, and blockchain based food supply solution company Provenance, as announced on August 2, 2017.

The Grass Roots Farmer’s Cooperative cites a Label Insights study which indicates an increasing desire among Americans to know more about the food they eat. The cooperative believes that blockchain technology can be used to increase transparency in food supply chains, and has turned to Provenance for their expertise. As previously reported by ETHNews, Provenance has completed successful pilots for tracking tuna from hook, to harbor, to homes across the UK.

In an announcement on the cooperative’s website, Cody Hopkins, Grass Roots general manager highlighted the importance of enabling customers to make informed decisions, saying:

“In an age where skepticism may very well be at its peak, Grass Roots is working to improve access to information so that customers feel empowered by their choices, not encumbered by them. We hope that by verifying our foods on the blockchain, we establish trust that allows our customers to eat with confidence.”

The latest implementation of Provenance has been applied to tracking chicken products distributed by Golden Gate Meat Company. Pasture-raised chicken can be tracked on Provenance’s web interface, which displays the product’s supply chain details, when it was produced, the quantity of product, batch ID, ownership, and which suppliers were involved in the creation of the product. Each step that the product takes along the supply chain is tracked under the “Journey” tab, perhaps giving consumers more peace of mind when tracking the sources of their sustenance.

CEO of Provenance Jessi Baker explained to ETHNews that while mainly focused on the UK and Europe, the company also has “had some great pioneering customers from the States and all over the world. They tend to be smaller businesses, where transparency really works in their favour.” She continued:

“Grassroots is one of those businesses. They have been proactive and managed to use the Provenance software platform self-serve to track end-to-end, which is a great proof point for us and also a great example for other small food businesses around the world keen to differentiate with transparent, traceable products.”

Provenance is in talks with larger food businesses in the US but has yet to make those discussions public, according to Baker.

“Provenance is aiming to enable proving the great things about your products in a trusted way as easy as joining a social network – this proves we are getting closer!”

Jeremy Nation is a writer living in Los Angeles with interests in technology, human rights, and cuisine. He is a full time staff writer for ETHNews and holds value in Ether.

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