News MyEtherWallet Launches V5 of New Platform Interface with Improved...

MyEtherWallet Launches V5 of New Platform Interface with Improved Features


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MyEtherWallet Launches V5 of New Platform Interface with Improved Features

MyEtherWallet (MEW) has unveiled version five of their open-source platform, which is designed to be simple and intuitive for its users.

The new features will be powered by Changelly, Bity, Kyber Network, and Coral Protocol.

Writing about the technical aspects of the interface update, the Ethereum wallet noted in a Medium post that: “In the world of crypto, interface updates are more than beautification  – they are a process of arriving together, as a community, at what will work best for all current and future users of blockchains.”

In order to widespread adoption of the blockchain there is the necessity of providing a great user experience the MEW team wrote. To deliver on this, the platform is ensuring that there will be “no nonsense,” in the sense that while a user shouldn’t have to endure “tech speak” neither will they be spoken to as if they were five.

Through a new interface, MEW are aiming to welcome new users while being respectful of experienced ones.

The platform is also making sure that there will be no intrusion. This means MEW won’t be storing any of their users’ data or monetising in a way that “interfers with user experience.”

On top of that security will continue to be an important component.

Speaking about the new interface, Kosala Hemachandra, CEO and founder of MEW, said: “When MEW first launched in 2015, we were a niche interface with a user base that was almost entirely made up of technically-proficient people. Now we are a globally used platform with most of our users being everyday people looking to start their crypto journey.”

The updated version of MEW means that it’s compatible across a number of different devices: desktop, mobile, and tablet. Wallet balances will also be automatically loaded without the need for third party extensions.

As well as that, but it will now be easier to undertake swap functions with just a click of a button. Changelly, a crypto exchange platform, which will be operating alongside Bity and Kyber Network swap functions, will “bring seamless swap functionality of this exchange to our users.”

“We are now featuring the full range of Kyber Network’s 60+ ERC20 tokens, including the new WBTC, for a fast, simple and secure way of exchanging tokens directly on our platform,” MEW wrote in the Medium post.

Loi Luu, CEO of Kyber Network said: “The launch of MEW’s brand new interface will improve the user experience while making the token swap process even more seamless for millions of people around the world.”

The Coral Protocol has also integrated SafeSend, an opt-in anti-fraud feature to the new wallet interface.

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