MonoVM Review: Should You Join? Probably Not..

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Welcome to our Monovm Review. Cryptocurrencies ensure a higher level of privacy and payment efficiency in today’s fast paced world. As such, more and more people and organizations are looking to purchase services with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, monero dash etc.

One of the most sought after services people are looking to buy with cryptocurrencies is web hosting.

There are many options to buy hosting with cryptocurrencies at the moment, due to the fact that the use of cryptocurrencies as a paying method has gained a pretty good reputation in the last few years.

Whether you are someone who simply seeks online privacy or if you are a skilled crypto enthusiast ready to explore different options, doing in depth research about crypto services is essential in order to avoid trouble in the long run.

In this article, we will briefly review Monovm – a hosting provider that accepts bitcoin. We will examine its most important features and the hosting packages it offers.

Why Should You Choose MonoVM?

monovm homepage
Monovm’s homepage

Monovm offers a fast and secure way to buy hosting with Bitcoin. Not only that, but our first experience with it can confirm many excellent features that go from 99.99% uptime to daily backups which will easily restore your site.

Monovm has many services that are necessary for anyone who wants to have guaranteed anonymity when paying online.

It certainly caught our attention with its astoundingly fast way of hosting many of your personal top apps with only one click and its use of LiteSpeedWeb Server, which is perfect for minimal memory consumption and CPU usage. We were especially satisfied with MonoVM’s 24/7 support which was always ready to answer any of our questions.

If you are still in doubt whether MonoVM is the right choice for you, let’s look at their amazing offers. It has two main web hosting choices, with various discounts depending on your requirements:

Linux Web Hosting

With the starting price of only $6.99 per month, Linux Web Hosting provides 100MB of web space and daily backups that run as frequently as every 15 minutes. With its Web Storage that can go even up to 20 GB, it also has unlimited data traffic, email accounts, add-on domains and MySQL/FTP. One of the main pros for using Linux Web Hosting is the fact that it has the 1-click app install, with over 125+ apps within your reach.

WordPress Web Hosting

The second option, with the amazing starting price of $9.99 per month, offers even more. It offers up to 500MB web space, Cpanel, free website backups, and Free Firewall installation.

Dedicated Servers

Monovm offers the option to large enterprises to rent dedicated servers using – among other payment options – Bitcoin. The benefits from purchasing a managed dedicated server package from Monovm are:

  • Affordable Prices: Prices for dedicated servers start from only $105/month with the most expensive package being at $280/month.
  • Latest Hardware Technology: Monovm’s servers use the latest models of Intel CPUs and Supermicro Motherboards.
  • Multiple Locations: You can choose a managed dedicated servers from 10 different data centers spreading in different geographic locations around the world.
  • 24/7 support specialists: Monovm offers 24/7 support to all of its clients.
  • NO Setup fees: Because of Monovm’s own infrastructure they don’t charge any additional fees for setting up your dedicated server.
  • Wide variety of Operation Systems: Monovm team can install the operating system of your choice. You can choose between, VMware ESXi, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Windows Server.

VPS Hosting

Monovm offers Virtual Private Server hosting as well with many benefits. Some of the most important benefits you get when buying VPS hosting from Monovm are:

  • 99.99% uptime: Great uptime guaranteed
  • 24×7 to support: Expert support 24/7.
  • Multiple Locations: 10 datacenters in different geographical locations
  • Affordable Prices: Prices start from only $6.99/month up to $19.99/month
  • SSD VPS: Monovm offers the opportunity to purchase a VPS with SSD Drives.
  • Operation Systems: You can choose between, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Windows Server or FreeBSD.

Monovm’s VPS Hosting Locations: USA (San Jose, Chicago, New York), UK (Manchester), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Germany (Frankfurt), Canada (Montreal), France (Paris).

Other Services

Monovm offers Domain Registration services and sells SSL certificate as well. Their prices are very competitive compared with other, more popular domain registrars.

MonoVM Review – Conclusion

With their 35 available locations, over a thousand servers and 8.1k users, MonoVM is the best option that includes both Windows Server OS and Linux distributions. Due to its efficiency and affordability, we highly recommend MonoVM as one of our top picks for cryptocurrency web hosting.

We hope you enjoyed our Monovm Review. If this Monovm review helped you to take an informed decision, then consider sharing it to your social media channels. It means a lot to us


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Monovm is a fully fledged hosting providers who has competitive pricing and provides a plethora of features to its clients. Their most distinct feature is that they accept Bitcoin among their payment options.MonoVM Review: Should You Join? Probably Not..