Monero was in the spotlight recently for more reasons both positive and related to illegal mining as well. But this is not a surprise anymore.

After its much-awaited hardfork, Monero (XMR) was recently in the news following an important announcement coming from Binance.

Binance has just revealed that the exchange added two new Monero trading pairs: XMR/BNB and XMR/USDT.

Price predictions in the crypto space

There have been lots of predictions regarding the prices of cryptos this year and now it’s time for the Monero (XMR)-related ones.

As you know, along with Zcash and DASH, XMR is the top anonymous digital asset out there.

Its popularity has been continually growing despite the headlines which involve Monero and illegal mining.

The interest in privacy-oriented coins is on the rise for a really long time and there’s no sign that this will stop too soon.

As expected, as a result of the increasing interest in these coins, their prices also began to surge.

XMR price prediction for 2019

UToday, the online publication famous for its price predictions now brings some pretty interesting data on the table regarding some potential prices for XMR for this year and beyond.

First of all, they address a few essential factors that can influence the price of XMR and they are the following: illegal use of Monero, fall of the markets, potential vulnerability of XMR transactions and more.

“Taking into consideration these facts, we predict that the price of the most popular anonymous digital asset can reach $100 in the first half of 2019, provided that the whole market starts its “bearish” trend,” they write.

XMR predictions for 2020

The online magazine continues the predictions about XMR’s price and says that according to the analysts from Longforecast, “the price will be in the range from $554 to $638 in April 2020 and up to 810-945 dollars by December 2020.”

We’ll have to wait and see which forecasts do become reality.


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