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Millennial Responds to Yellen’s Refusal to Audit the Fed with Bitcoin


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There couldn’t be a more epic image than a millennial’s response to Yellen’s refusal to audit the FED with a bitcoin sign during her congressional testimony, all captured on live TV.

It has it all. The stern faces of the old, met with the cheery faces of the young. The proclamation of one woman, met with the embodiment of one generation.

It speaks to changing times, more than anything else possibly could, as an iconic image captures the mood of a new awareness reverberating across the globe.

It is not yet known who the 18 years old looking man is, but he will probably soon identify himself as he is fully visible.

For now, little is known regarding how he gained that seat just behind Yellen, how he came up with the idea and, more importantly, why did he do what he did.

Millennial Responds to Yellen's Refusal to Audit the Fed with Bitcoin

But we may get some clues from someone called Ethan (pictured) who shared what appears to be an authentic image of the bitcoin millennial.

Ethan seems to have long been involved in bitcoin and describes himself as a technical analyst and a classical economist as well as an “18 year-old cryptocurrency, forex, precious metals, & stock trader.”

He probably frequents bitcoin spaces too where there were many comments suggesting the bitcoin millennial should give his address.

So obliging, Ethan shared an image with more than two bitcoins already sent just minutes after it was tweeted earlier today, a tweet which has now been deleted due to “employer reasons.”

Millennial Responds to Yellen's Refusal to Audit the Fed with Bitcoin
The bitcoin millenial

Ethan and his friend are clearly highly educated. Probably upper middle class. Probably from wealthy or at least financially comfortable families, and likely very interested in the Austrian school of economics.

Or classic economics as one may describe it in a more umbrella term. Which means they’re likely familiar with Hayek and his insight, reached after a lifetime of studying money:

“The past instability of the market economy is the consequence of the exclusion of the most important regulator of the market mechanism, money, from itself being regulated by the market process… only competition in a free market can take account of all the circumstances which ought to be taken account of.”

The main purpose of bitcoin, so forced into the world through the use of technology and decentralization, is nothing more nor less than the implementation of that insight.

An insight that became self-evident when banks went under, with bitcoin giving the world, from the lowest levels to the highest, a real choice of an alternative.

The act of the millennial, therefore, speaks to a seismic shift in attitudes as a new generation sees a very different path concerning the one thing that affects them the most, money.

They do not think it should be controlled by one woman or man. They do not think it should be printed or deprinted as anyone pleases, with local shoppers and everyone else given no choice.

Instead, they think money must be judged by the free market, must compete with other money, must itself be a product that is kept in check not by any committee or bureaucracy, but by our free choice of using it as we please and see fit, or by discarding it for alternatives if it is mismanaged.

In that way alone can we keep in check its vast abuse that sent countries, like Greece, and states, like Detroit, into bankruptcy, this very decade.


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