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(United Kingdom, London, Friday, June 29, 2018) In the fast-paced world, where financial services are ruling the roost, there is a dire need of medical intervention in the sphere. With that thought in mind, Mediex has come up with the noble idea of raising funds to provide medical equipment and devices for an economical cost. The organization will also be launching a decentralized application for the masses to ensure a broader reach in Doctor Appointments.

“We aim to bring about a positive and lasting change to the healthcare sector, and we aren’t limiting ourselves to one country. We aim to manufacture advanced surgical equipment at low cost, and wish to reach countries that have no or less medical access”, said CEO & Director of Mediex.

Here’s a word on the fundraising, Mediex has begun their ICO and has seen a tremendous response from contributors. Total Fund Raised till now is $133,842 and growing at an astounding pace. MDX tokens are ERC20 standard tokens and are compliant to all the standard features that come with ERC20 tokens. The company will be listing the tokens in popular exchanges for contributors to trade with it.

Mediex team has come out with a clear roadmap and don’t overpromise like other ICOs. The team has been in the healthcare sector for almost a decade. The recent boom in Blockchain advancement has led the team to start crowdfunding through cryptocurrencies. MDX tokens will be distributed to the contributors and are up for sale in the ongoing ICO.

The crowdsale gets over by August 26th, 2018. Mediex team invites and calls out all the people who wish to aid in the world healthcare. Surgeries are essential and need the right tools. The Mediex team will strive to make a difference and bring about greater good in the world.

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