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MCan Coin: Announcing Entry to Medical Cannabis in the Blockchain Era


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After a decade of research, EIMCR*, a subsidiary of Vichy International Limited, has developed their own strand of genetically modified cannabis Vichy Gold.

The cannabis can produce 14 times more THC and CBD than regular strands. The company now plans to manufacture medicines with Vichy Gold and have started their Pre-ICO with a 30% discount on MCan Coins.

In addition, the company plans to offer revenue sharing, dividend sharing, and 1 Free Listed Share for every 1000 MCan Coins bought during Pre-ICO period. The unique benefits make MCan coin one of the hottest investment opportunities.

“Our coin holders have the unique opportunity to be a part of the company when we get listed on NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, and other stock exchanges. Additionally, we offer discounts to people who buy products with MCan Coin.” – Chandra Sekar, Chairman

The company has a current audited turnover of $60 million and with expansion plans in the pipeline, the company will grow 10x in next 3 years. The company has current plans to expand their research scope and a manufacturing facility to produce medicines, such as Vapor Pens, Capsules & Pills, Injection, and so on, with Medical Cannabis.

Vichy Gold is a genetically modified cannabis strain that can produce 14 times more THC and CBD than regular strains while maintaining optimal ratios. In the current scenario, when the doctor prescribes medical cannabis, the dosages are unknown. Sometimes, it can be too strong or too light. MCan plans to create a perfectly dosed products, such as Sip By Sip Tea, which contains the exact quantity of THC & CBD.

MCan coin is built on their own blockchain, ensuring the company is in control. In addition, the transactions are much faster and the coins are more secure than other blockchains. The company has come up with a Pre-ICO with a total number of coins at  5 billion and the company plans to raise 500 million Euros. The company plans to list the coin in popular crypto-exchanges, once the ICO has been completed.

The current market size of medical cannabis is around $8.3 billion and expected to grow at a CAGR of over 19%. Medical cannabis will attribute to 52% of total cannabis sales in a $140 billion market. This will mean that MCan will be at the forefront of innovation and research in the medical cannabis industry. Medical Cannabis Coin has the potential to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry and help reduce opioid addiction, as studies by various institutions have proven.

MCan Coin has the potential to revolutionize medical cannabis industry with Vichy Gold and it will be a lucrative investment opportunity. Mr. Chandra Sekar, Chairman of MCan Coin, has taken companies like Trevira GmbH, Asia Pacific Fibers, and many more. The team at MCan is committed to revolutionizing medical cannabis industry and advancing the use of cannabis for medical treatment. The company also plans to have a Bounty program soon to spread the awareness on MCan coin and the use of cannabis as medicine.

*European Institute of Medical Cannabis Research


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