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(London, United Kingdom, 27th August, 2018) – MCan, backed by Vichy International Limited has announced revenue sharing and dividend distribution for all the investors who have purchased the MCan coin before 31st August, 2018. The pre-ICO of MCan is about to be completed on 30th August, 2018 and the growth of coin holders/investors will be witnessing while the coin supply remains the same.

The Company offers Revenue Sharing to MCan coin holders on a monthly basis and Dividend distribution on a quarterly basis for all investors registered until 31st August, 2018. The Company also provides one free listed share for participants who hold 1000 MCan coins once the company is listed on NASDAQ or London Stock Exchange.

The current revenue of Vichy International Limited is $60 million, and we believe that the company will grow to around $600 million in the next three years. We will share revenue and dividend to our coin holders. The coin holders in the future will be the shareholders in Vichy International Limited when the company lists on NASDAQ or the London Stock Exchange. – Chandra Sekar, Chairman

With an exponential growth prediction, Vichy International also rewards the investors with an extra bonus in the form of fiat currency. The investors will have to register using their email and provide their bank account details.

These details will help Vichy International to transfer the fiat currency to the investors’ accounts. In addition to the bonus reward, for every 1000 coins held by the investors, Vichy International Limited will double the money by 31st August, 2018 closing.

We are so grateful towards our initial set of investors who have shown their utmost trust and have contributed to our revolutionary project. As a token of our deepest gratitude, we are pleased to announce the first revenue sharing and dividend distribution to our investors.” added Chandra Sekar, Chairman.

Vichy International has planned to increase the price of MCan coin to € 0.12 after 31st August, 2018. With the increasing demand and everlasting support from the investors, Vichy International will proceed to the next phase as per the predefined roadmap.

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