Math-Based Approaches To Win Slot Games

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If the 17th Century was the era of Blackjack, and 19th Century was the undisputed reign of Roulette then the 20th and 21st Centuries simply have to be part of the slot domination era, because there are hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of gamblers now trying their luck on slots every single week.

And anyhow, is there really any surprise there? Especially when you consider the supreme quality of some of the games on the market these days, and, indeed, the fact that people can spin the reels from the comfort of their own home, and even on their smartphones on their morning commutes. Put simply, slots are everywhere in 2019, pretty good news for us avid gamblers, is it not? 

Well, it is the good news, of course, however, it can quickly turn into bad news when you start to inevitably lose some money. It cannot all be plain sailing in the slots universe, and as many experienced gamblers will tell you, there is always the possibility that you lose big, just as you might end up winning big – be careful.

It is this fact that has led to many people wondering what is the best way to ensure you are always winning at slots, and whilst there is no definitive answer to this question, there are certain things you can do to improve your chances.

At the end of the day, it is all about simple probability, so with this in mind, it makes sense to look at some math-based approaches to winning slot games. This is what this article will seek to lay out, as well as giving a brief overview of the importance of mathematics in gambling. Read ahead to find out more.

Math In Gambling 

Since even before the most rudimentary origins of gambling the basic principles of mathematics have always been a vital part of the practice. In fact, without mathematics gambling wouldn’t really exist, as in some way it is always about odds and probability, whatever game you are playing.

Ancient historians have discovered several bone remnants that look like early versions of gambling games such as craps, and they are all in agreement that constitutes evidence that gambling was around since way before the birth of Christ, for instance. 

And in order to gamble, you need to have a basic idea of some simple mathematical concepts such as addition, proving that these early games might have actually been incredibly beneficial for the brains of our early human cousins.

Regardless, one thing we can take from all of this is that gambling and mathematics have been wedded together from the very start, something that means a mathematical approach to these games can only go well. 

Mathematical Origins Of Slots 

Although Charles D. Fey, the inventor of the world’s first genuine slot machine, was more of a mechanical engineer, he still had to have a keep grasp of basic maths, otherwise, his machine wouldn’t have given out results that were nearly random enough.

In fact, slots just wouldn’t work without a focus on maths during their creation, or at least, they wouldn’t work to the required level to make them as popular as they are now. 

The emergence of video and online slots has made mathematics even more important to the industry because instead of using a purely mechanical framework, these things rely more than ever on complex computer software.

For instance, every single modern slot these days will have an RNG (Random Number Generator, something that ensures that the reels are always landing in random places. You just cannot get away from mathematics!

Know Your Odds 

By now it must be pretty evident that mathematics are incredibly important in the creation of slots machines, however, it is also incredibly important for us gamblers as well. One of the most basic things in the whole gambling industry is the presence of odds, and it is critical that you have a fundamental understanding of what this is as well, otherwise you could quickly get lost in a losing streak. 

Essentially, the odds of any gambling game, or bet for that matter, are designed to show you what the probability of a win is. More often than not the better the odds, the smaller the prize, hence giving people a reward for taking a risk. It is very important to keep this in mind whenever you gamble and to seek to find the odds for your chosen game as much as possible too. 

The Importance Of RTP 

Following our last point, RTP is something that all slot gamblers should certainly be aware of. It stands for Return To Player and is much like a more in-depth set of odds when playing on the slots. RTP is given as a percentage that indicates the average amount a player can expect to win back from his overall wager and is, therefore, a very useful piece of knowledge when choosing which slot game to try your luck on. 

We would suggest aiming for anything over 96%, whilst keeping away from any games that offer an RTP of below 94%. However, with that being said you must also remember that progressive jackpot slots (ones in which the overall jackpot is often jaw-droppingly big) will have a horrendous RTP, but this is offset by the chance to truly win big. 

Counting The Average Number Of Spins Before A Win 

One tactic that many online slot professionals have utilized over the years is completely based on mathematics. It works like this; for the first few spins of your chosen slot, you will have to count the number of spins between each win. After doing this several times you will have the necessary knowledge to work out an average number of spins between each win, and you can now use this to place your bets accordingly. 

Think about it: if you know that you are most likely to win on the 6th spin between each win you can place the most money on that spin. Easy!

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