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Kineticex, a fully functional ecosystem of payment processing platform, offers a wide range of services for its users. It is a transparent system that allows cryptocurrency enthusiasts to store and process digital transactions. Kineticex has extensive plans to expand their vision across the world. Read on to find out how.

Kineticex has set its sights on revolutionizing the payment processing platform in the cryptocurrency market. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Kineticex has a new and improved payment processing platform now, where users can process digital transactions in a more secure and transparent system.

Kineticex team hopes to create a substantial impact in the payment processing field with innovative technology. Merchants and customers can use Kineticex’s payment processing and still keep their identity intact. This is achieved by thinking out of the box and implementing an avant-garde solution.

Kineticex’s Ecosystem

Kineticex’s groundbreaking platform brings both merchants and customers in using the platform for payment processing solutions. This solution can be used worldwide on all websites. Customers can use Kineticex for a more secure and faster transaction platform. More than the platform, the Kineticex team aims to provide ATM machines and synchronize them with the payment solution.

There will be a mobile app that acts as a mobile wallet for its customers who wish to buy, sell, trade or pay with KRC tokens. These solutions, on the whole, make payment processing more simple with a dedicated solution, where customers can use the KRC tokens to pay for products or services provided by merchants.

The whole transactions can be executed in Kineticex’s dedicated exchange, which is live and running; so, they can start trading. With huge pools in liquidity, Kineticex will enable users to send or receive payments with 0.5% markup for all currencies in exchange.

Kineticex hopes to provide fully secure customer data with identity proof so that the KYC process is faster. Working in both online and offline transactions, Kineticex aims to resolve various challenges in industries. Starting with users who can create their identity in our blockchain base Dapp for a single sign-on solution, manage crypto or fiat currencies, pay online to merchants.

Kineticex ATM

Kineticex also aims to provide a means to exchange fiat to cryptocurrency through the means of cryptocurrency ATMs. This will integrate the hassle-free usage of cryptocurrency and Fiat money through ATMs.

Kineticex Mobile Wallet and App

Kineticex opts for a mobile wallet and an app that allows you to track your funds, sell, or buy them without any hassles. Customers can even trade from the app.

“I believe that kineticex ecosystem along with its full liquidity powered exchange will help merchants and customer alike. With a projected growth in the near future, kineticex will transform the payment processing platform for the better.” Muhammad Aziz, CEO, Kineticex.

Kineticex KRC tokens hold real value within the Kineticex ecosystem and have the vision to expand its horizons in the cryptocurrency world. The pre-sale for KRC tokens has started and will end on July 15, 2018, along with the on-going AirDrop campaign.

Users can complete the set tasks and receive KRC tokens and start using the Kineticex ecosystem with ease. Merchants and customers can buy the KRC tokens in the pre-sale and start trading in the Kineticex exchange without any hassles. Kineticex continuously aims to develop and conceptualize innovative payment processing solutions well into the future.

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