NewsKim Dotcom: Crypto is taking over, and there’s no...

Kim Dotcom: Crypto is taking over, and there’s no stopping this train


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From the midst of the ongoing crypto revolution, one of its main ideologists tells RT that outdated models are going to disappear, giving way to the ultimate promise of the internet – freedom of speech, commerce and finance.

You see that monopolies are trying to get more control over content. We need to have technologies that can circumvent and avoid monopolies because… their greed and their lobbying to try to get policies changed that are not really benefiting the people but their companies’ overlords and shareholders,” Kim Dotcom told RT’s Keiser Report.

Governments are fighting for their control, banks are fighting for their survival, but these outdated models are going to disappear and there’s nothing they can do about that. This thing is exciting,” he said. The man behind Mega Upload and the newly launched, which he refers to as the “ultimate content monetization system,” said he wants to lead this revolution.

“I want to be part of this revolution, I want to deliver products that actually allow people to utilize crypto in a meaningful way. That is still a bit lacking, but it’s coming. There are so many developments, cool new products that are coming out – there’s no way for anyone to stop this train,” claimed Kim.



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