Dash News presenter Isabel Barrios unboxing review of the KRIP K55 Dash-enabled smartphone by Kripto Mobile that was purchased from market mall in Caracas, Venezuela.

Kripto Mobile, announced in December 2018 that they had sold more than 66,000 Dash-enabled KRIP phones in Latin America.

All KRIP phones come with a suite of Dash apps designed to make a complete Dash ecosystem user-friendly experience possible. These apps include the official Dash wallet for custody, Bitrefill for spending Dash and Uphold for buying Dash.

Visit Discover Dash for more than 4,800 merchants around the world that accept Dash Digital Cash!

Venezuela currently has 2,432 merchants that accept Dash! Dash adoption is surging in Venezuela. It’s the number 1 ranked country for Dash wallet downloads.

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