News IOTA (MIOTA) Begins Q1 2019 With Partnership From Two...

IOTA (MIOTA) Begins Q1 2019 With Partnership From Two Giant Firms


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2019 marks another moment for cryptocurrency to prove its essence in the fintech industry. It needs to belie the negative prejudice thoughts people had about it. While the market still looks unfavorable, IOTA (MIOTA) has begun steeling itself with partnerships before the delayed glorious moment begins so that it can be at the top by then.

As the year unfolds gradually, IOTA foundation kick started its activities with an agreement with IBCS Poland, where its Tangle technology and Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) would be utilized for operational activities. Also, a subsidiary of Crypto Finance AG, Crypto Storage AG, announced its collaboration with the blockchain project, resulting in the creation of the first multi-storage crypto infrastructure solution.


Due to the growing irregularities in supply chains across the world, large and medium scale firms have begun sorting for a rescue means. As such, IBCS Poland turned towards IOTA-powered solution for the tracking and tracing of assets in the supply chain.

By securing a cross-system interoperable chain of custody to manage assets and transportation of goods, IOTA will help IBCS Group customers enhance their delivery plans and shipments across Central Europe.

However, a specimen of IOTA’s vision to enable the Global Trade and Supply Chain is the IBCS Poland Proof of Concept (PoC). Also, “ibcsTracker”, used by companies as tracking solution in the market, was developed with IOTA’s open source Track and Trace application.

The director Partnerships at IOTA Foundation, Holger Köther, said: “Managing assets in the supply chain is an area where we believe the IOTA Tangle can demonstrate a clear and immediate impact.”

Brian Marcel, the Chairman of IBCS Group also noted that the partnership will help create a solid foundation for proffering solution to some of the challenges in the present day delivery and shipping industry.

“We first developed the IOTA Powered solution in Poland but the next step is to expand to our other countries across Central Europe. Ultimately, our goal is to provide all IBCS Group customers with a better understanding of where key assets exist in the supply chain, driving greater efficiency and strategic management of their assets,” Marcel noted.

IOTA (MIOTA) Crypto Storage AG partnership

On the other hand, Crypto Storage AG joined alliance with the non-profit foundation, IOTA, creating a storage solution to meet the demands of financial intermediaries and significant partners in industries working on concepts that use IOTA technology.

The collaboration is structured to grant private and public investors, institutional investors as well as beneficiaries, the ability to securely manage access to their IOTA tokens.

Furthermore, users will be handed another level of security through separate infrastructures and definable approval processes.

“Crypto Storage AG is proud to support the IOTA platform with our top-tier infrastructure, as we see rising demand with our clients and IOTA’s industry partners to enable the IOTA token without compromising on security” the CEO of Crypto Storage AG, ,” Stijn Vander Straeten noted.



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