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Pretty much everyone has heard about Bitcoin these days.

Yet, despite the hype around this popular form of digital currency, very few people seem to know that much about it.

Back in the day, Bitcoin was not worth a great deal of money, certainly nothing compared to the huge value that it has today. In fact, when Bitcoin was first created, all that 10,000 coins could get you were just a couple of pizzas, and that is exactly what one person traded them for.

Imagine how many pizzas you could get today with the same amount of bitcoins!

These days, however, you can use Bitcoin for a lot of different purposes, not just ordering pizza.

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Although experts in the field are able to take a stab at what they think the price of Bitcoin will be in the future, the truth is, no one really knows. The coin is so volatile that it can fluctuate greatly in price in simply a matter of hours!
Let’s take a look at a few facts that may peak your interest in this intriguing coin even further!

  • The 64% of all the bitcoins in the world have never been used, and chances are they will actually never be used
  • Chinese mining pools control approximately 81% of the Bitcoin network’s collective hashrate. These means that there is only 19% left to go round the rest of the world!
  • If you lose your Bitcoin wallet, you are also going to lose all the funds that are stored in it. There was a case of this a few years ago where James Howell lost 7,500 Bitcoins by throwing away his hard drive. At the time, it amounted to a value of $4M.
  • Mining Bitcoin is getting harder and harder, plus the rate of return is getting smaller. The amount of bitcoins rewarded for mining halves every 4 years. Therefore, after 64 halvings, all 21M bitcoins will be in circulation.

You can find out more of these cool facts by checking out the infographic below and become a Bitcoin wizard!


67 bitcoin-facts

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