News Indian Billionaire Backs SuchApp | Oracle Times

Indian Billionaire Backs SuchApp | Oracle Times


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India’s ultra wealthy invest in SuchApp ICO

Mr. Prashant Mehta is from India’s most prestigious Mehta family and they have recently decided to invest significant funds into SuchApp the world’s first blockchain messenger which has an inclusive 5G ecosphere. India’s prestigious Mehta family to invest significantly in SuchApp a blockchain technology makes it the world’s first especially when it comes to India.

The Mehta family has offices in London, New York, Antwerp in Belgium, and Mumbai and have been pioneers and industry leaders in the diamond industry for more than eight decades. Prashant Mehta is the managing director of Hallmark Diamonds, the largest diamond wholesale company in the world since 1999 which makes this move into SuchApp so significant as they believe in the technology and have put there money where their mouth is.

“We think that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has the power to enrich the lives of businesses and individuals in a number of different ways,” said Prashant Mehta, business mogul and graduate from the Yale School of Management. “SuchApp is unique in that it uses blockchain technology to bring real value to everyday people. Once released, we believe that SuchApp has the power to not only increase communication between friends and family, but help Indian business and entrepreneurship grow to record levels.”

Spokesman Shany, CEO of SuchApp, “we are excited to partner with the Mehta family and are grateful for their assistance in helping further mainstream blockchain adoption. With SuchApp, users enjoy a previously impossible messaging experience while being able to buy and sell goods and services using SPS tokens directly inside the app without having to go through third-party services like cryptocurrency exchanges.”

SuchApp is more than just a simple messaging service – it’s an all-in-one social platform that supports 4K streaming and recorded video, text chats, and VoIP communication between two or more parties. SuchApp also has a number of innovative business tools to help small and large businesses implement marketing campaigns, loyalty reward programs, and customer service initiatives.

In addition the Mehta family also owns the top hospital in India, Lilavati Hospital, which is currently valued at $2.1 billion and has a business turnover of more than $700 million so for them to be so heavily involved in SuchApp speaks volumes.

Visit the SuchApp website today to learn more about this revolutionary messaging service and its upcoming ICO, which is set to launch in the next few days and has some serious investors such as the Mehta family involved.

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