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Identity theft no longer an issue! Ydentity™ provides freedom when surfing the Web and protects your data!


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  • Ydentity seeks to show its differential by allowing users to evaluate their needs without giving up their true identity.
  • Airdrop – 1st May 2018
  • ICO pre sale launch – 7th May 2018

Every coin has two sides. As does today’s supremacy of technology. With numerous advantages in this digital era, we risk letting others know the private information that we would not otherwise share with others. Ydentity protects your data using blockchain KSI technology.

So what is Ydentity? Ydentity is a utility token where the token buyers take part in psychometric test based on cognitive neuroscience. The keys are tokenized and identities are stored in the blockchain, which allows centralized data to be decentralised. Ydentity is essentially a risk-identity token that is located as a confluence of psychological testing and government identification with verification equivalent to defense-grade KYC and cyber security standards.

Elaborating the process, a trusted source revealed that 30 random questions from a range of 300 will be presented to customers to widely categories them into three risk categories or personality types: risk averse; risk dependent; and risk seeking.

The result provides the applicant with an anonymous identity which allows them to navigate the internet without having to disclose their identity.  Once the tokens are activated, the customer is invited to enjoy a 30-day cost-free trial of the Ycommunity, a decentralized peer-to-peer organization managed by its members.

Now coming back to the categories of risk profiles, read further to know how the categories will be deciphered.

  • Risk Averse — refers to Harm Avoidance (HA)
  • Risk Dependent — refers to Reward Dependency (RD)
  • Risk Taker — refers to Novelty Seeking (NS)

Once activated the Ydentity token will be stored in a non-custodial wallet and interfaced with customers via an artificial intelligence Chatbot, represented as a gender-free gaming character.

Ydentity is focused at the center of risk management in the shared economy and has incorporated blockchain technology to create a risk identity token which is relevant to industries including but not limited to social media, dating, recruitment, insurance and finance.

The ICO pre-sale launch is geared up to happen on the 7th of May and the airdrop is touted to happen on 1st May. Keep watching this space for more details or email us at  

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