NewsICOBox Token Sale Ends at an Impressive 3,900 BTC...

ICOBox Token Sale Ends at an Impressive 3,900 BTC Mark


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ICOBox, a premier provider of fixed-price SaaS ICO solutions, conducted its ICO to bring in the funds which will cover the cost of ICOs of promising but underfunded startups who will be launching their ICOs using the tools developed by ICOBox. In exchange, these new ICOs will pay ICOS token holders back in their future tokens which could be exchanged for ICOS tokens at an average 4:1 ratio.

Nick Evdokimov, one of the ICOBox founders said:

“We are deeply grateful for the support and trust in our project that our backers have demonstrated. We couldn’t have done it without you”

ICOBox aims to be involved in conducting 800 ICOs over the next 12 months. With this ambitious goal in mind, they are currently receiving over 100 applications per day from startups interested in using their services. ICOBox conducts their extensive prescreening, and the final selection of the projects to be given ICOBox’s tools is carried out by the vote of ICOS token holders. The first vote will take place on September 22, 2017.

On that same day, ICOBox will also unveil its unique brand-new feature: an Interproject Token Swap, or IpTS – an exciting new option that lets ICOS token holders to swap their tokens for the tokens of any new project listed on ICOS platform. This will serve to redistribute ICOS tokens and give ICOBox’s clients and ICOS token holders the opportunity to get the greatest tokens immediately, at the fraction of their price.

“Ultimately, we are looking to democratize the exciting new ICO market, providing a reasonable “in” to non-blockchain businesses, to stabilize the ICO ecosystem, and to minimize the risks for both the token holders and the prospective ICOs,”

Nick Evdokimov continues.

“With the funds we collected, we are expecting to help many talented projects conduct their ICOs without having to pay a penny upfront. Essentially, we see our role as helping people help themselves.”

“We would like to give our sincere thanks to our partners and advisors for their generous and competent support,” says Mike Raitsyn. “I would like to thank each and every one of your personally:

  • Eric Ly, LinkedIn Co-Founder
  • Keith Teare, Co-Founder of Techcrunch
  • David Drake, Board Advisor, Ambrosus
  • Sergei Sergienko, CEO at
  • Gene Libov, Principal Consultant at Planet 9 Security Consulting
  • Katrina Arden, Attorney and Founder of Blockchain Law Group
  • Japheth Dillman, Managing Parnet & Founder of Block Bits Capital
  • Daria Generalova, CMO at Cryptonomos
  • Breaux Walker, SVP International Union of Mobile Fintech
  • Leslie Katz, Shareholder at GreenbergTraurig
  • James Schermerhorn, Viсe President at Spark::red
  • Dave Mata, Chief Product Officer at Prizm Labs
  • Gregory Klumov, Investment Director at Matrix Advisors
  • Michael Terpin, CEO and founder of Transform Group
  • Eric Benz, Managing Director for Cryptopay
  • Moe Levin, Chief Executive Office for Keynote
  • Emmie Chang, CEO of SuperBloom Capital

 “Your expertise and wise, practical guidance were instrumental in the success of our ICO,”

concludes Mike.

 “We are also grateful to have had our incredible team: all the people who were involved in actually implementing the project, working hard day and night to make it run as cleanly and smoothly as possible. You guys rock!,”

continued ICOBox’s CMO Anar Babaev.

 “Finally, we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to all the talented journalists, online media, and bloggers who helped us make this project accessible and easy to understand both for blockchain enthusiasts and newcomers to the market. We’ve done our part – and you made sure to efficiently communicate it to the world, “

says Nick Evdokimov.

“And now that our ICO is over, it’s time to get to real work – help startups launch their ICOs. We’ll just have a glass of Champaign first, if you don’t mind,” Nick concluded with a happy smile.

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