News HybridBlock Focuses On Asia-Pacific Cryptocurrency Trading Market

HybridBlock Focuses On Asia-Pacific Cryptocurrency Trading Market


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HybridBlock is focusing itself on Asia-Pacific cryptocurrency trading market to emerge as a key player. The company is keen to create an ecosystem with the objective of bringing in 100 million fresh people into the fold of blockchain network in the upcoming three-year period.

After the United States, Japan and South Korea are the two countries that have been encouraging the use of digital coin as a means of payment. Therefore, it fits well with the company’s aim of concentrating on the Asia-Pacific market.

Mapping Out Lofty Goals

The Malta-based HybridBlock appears to be not leaving any stone unturned as it strengthened its core team. The company indicated that they are in the process of mapping their big goals and aligning with the smartest people so that there are no issues in executing its vision.

Its HybridCentral, which is an educational platform, would have new folks from throughout the world into the blockchain economy,
which is gaining more traction across the globe. More than the cryptocurrency, its platform is attracting more attention for one or the other things.

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The company expects to use the market conditions and perceptions as the economy is moving towards cashless and digital one. The firm is also coming out with an all-in-one trading ecosystem so that users could stand to gain from the offering a complete suite of trading tools.

This included four key areas and the first among them is the blockchain’s rapidly increasing infrastructure while the second will focus on
serving beginners, i.e., base trade. The third one will concentrate on intermediate traders, i.e.,HybridExchange, whereas the fourth is meant for professionals, i.e., HybridTerminal.

Hybrid Token

HybridBlock has come out with initial coin offering (ICO) of its own token that is known as a Hybrid token. The digital token would play a key role in its network functioning. The owners of the token would not only get exclusive access to its fresh products and services along with discounted fees but also opportunities to invest in its upcoming token sales of ICO that it might launch.

The objectives of the tokens could be classified into three. The first primary function is enabling payment of transaction fees apart from every service within the network of the blockchain. The second function is to offer specialized products and services on an exclusive access basis. The third is that the token could be available from the open market since it is a tradable cryptocurrency.

Payment Unit

The company indicated that the token would be a payment unit for network transactions on its HybridFX. The firm believes that once the volume of network transaction increases, it will reflect in the Hybrid tokens volume towards payment as transaction fees, i.e., to the network.

Aside from that, there would also be provisions to pay for premium content. This includes the HybridAcademy learning modules with the help of the social and educational application.

HybridBlock expects this to cover fees besides accessing the HybridTerminal through payment on a monthly basis by way of Hybrid tokens. The company disclosed that students could also get access to advanced training apart from other premium content with the help of its digital token.



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