How designers are taking immersive video gaming to the next level

Thanks to advancements in technology, particularly in the realm of virtual reality, online gaming is becoming a truly unique experience for every player. With immersive gaming becoming increasingly popular, along with the growing demand for VR headsets and accessories, it’s no surprise that game designers are widely focusing their efforts towards creating an entirely captivating gaming experience.

One that goes beyond vision and plays on the gamer’s emotions, conscience and senses. So, how exactly are they doing this? And what’s next for the immersive gaming trend?

Whether you’re into trying out the latest advancements in VR or enjoy mobile slot games, you need to be aware of where the gaming industry is heading next.

Maximising motion

The ability to walk and run during game play has been made possible thanks to the addition of full-body gaming suits and is an integral part of the current VR experience.

While the ability to act out game-play in motion is vital to the immersive gaming industry as we know it, it still has some limitations. That’s why experts are currently looking into ways to allow players to increase their range of motion and movement.

At the moment, actions like rolling and kneeling have been difficult to incorporate into full-body gaming. Scientists are currently looking at ways to enable these and many more into game-play to help take the immersive experience to the next level. The more freedom to move a player is granted, the more realistic the playing world can be.

By breaking down these barriers developers can help gamers become fully absorbed in the play environment. Look out for improved movement systems and electric impulse bodysuits that will allow players to feel more in-game than ever before. 

Sensory stimulation 

Visual and sound effects are an essential part of every immersive video game but as technology jumps forward leaps and bounds, so do the requirements to create enticing new virtual worlds.

That’s why touch is becoming an ever more essential part of video gaming. Haptic systems have been instrumental in changing the way games are played. The technology that began life as a simple vibrating controller is currently being developed into state-of-the-art gloves and body suits.

Just as the impulse suits mentioned above will allow you to run and roll through video game worlds, these innovative suits can also create feelings of cold, heat and even pain. In fact, wearable technology is becoming so advanced that the bHaptics Tactal VR Mask has even managed to replicate the feeling of being hit in the face while playing.

Creating conscience

While VR headsets and full-body gaming kits may still seem like relatively novel developments, gaming experts are already taking steps to take immersive play to the next level. Scientists are currently exploring the possibility of connecting computers directly with the human brain, which could eventually pave the way to directly mimicking our conscience and creating a gaming experience played using both body and mind.

The notion of integrating neuroscience with game play has the potential to transform the industry and the way games are played forever. This idea of creating a ‘super-conscience’ may seem like a far-off idea, but many of the most sophisticated video games are already inducing sensations and emotions. What’s more, by studying the effects of video games on the brain, we’re learning more about brain function than ever before.


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