News Hookers on the blockchain is the future we all...

Hookers on the blockchain is the future we all saw coming


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For all of mankind’s greatest achievements, each owes at least a modicum of credit to the one thing they have in common: sex. It could be the desire to have sex. Perhaps it’s an attempt to appear more attractive to the opposite (or same) sex. Or maybe it’s the perfect storm of hormones leading two teenagers to create a child, destined for greatness, by bumping genitals in the back of a Toyota Tercel outside an In-N-Out Burger.

Knowing what we know about sex and innovation, pairing sex with the blockchain seems a natural progression. And that’s exactly what the worst-named application of 2017 intends to do. — in case you couldn’t take the hint from men and women listing a price next to scantily-clad photos — is an escort platform that protects both prostitutes and their clientele by facilitating hookups via blockchain technology. It’s anonymous; the service uses no emails or user credentials, and no one has access to private data as it’s encrypted and stored on the blockchain.

It’s also touted as a safer, more secure alternative to traditional means of, um, picking up hookers. All interactions are secure, and the decentralized platform uses a two-step digital payment to process these transactions — think of it as Coinbase for your junk.

Hookers on the blockchain is the future we all saw coming