News Hong Kong’s new regulations open the door to crypto...

Hong Kong’s new regulations open the door to crypto exchanges


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Hong Kong’s financial regulator is introducing licenses for cryptocurrency exchanges. Notably, the new rules apply only to platforms offering virtual securities.

The rules cover custody, know-your-customer, the storage of crypto assets and the provision of products by exchanges, which can only be offered to “professional investors” as defined by the city’s Securities & Futures Commission .

In over 60 pages, the SFC outlines a vision which places particular emphasis on the safe custody of crypto-assets. It sets out the criteria for platforms to decide on the inclusion of a new virtual asset for trading.

Announcing the news, today, Ashley Alder, head of the city’s Securities and Futures Commission said: ”The framework will enable virtual asset trading platforms to be regulated by the SFC, a major development which builds on a way forward.”

The framework only applies to centralized trading platforms, operating in Hong Kong and trading “virtual assets including at least one security token,” according to the regulations. Platforms falling outside this remit will not be licensed or regulated by the SFC.

The announcement has been hailed as “a seminal moment for financial services in Asia and points to increased acceptance of digital assets as new type of financial instruments,” Hugh Madden, CEO BC Group, a technology and digital asset trading company, told Reuters.

However, there is no definition in the regulations of what constitutes a tokenized security. So it’s unclear whether an exchange dealing with BTC and ETH fiat pairs is exempt, one crypto enthusiast pointed out on twitter.

Possession of a license will not protect investors from fraud, the regulations point out. The watchdog can choose whether or not to intervene as licensed platforms will still not be considered stock or futures markets.

Meanwhile, Alder also stressed that the SFC is “extremely concerned” about platforms which offer virtual asset futures contracts to the public, especially those that are highly leveraged.

The news comes after China’s President Xi Jinping urged the industry to accelerate the development of blockchain technology.

This is a developing story and will be updated throughout the day.



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