Founder of defunct Cryptopia exchange has already founded a new one

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It appears that the founder of the recently hacked and shuttered Cryptopia exchange has already founded a new one.

Adam Clark, Cryptopia’s founder and erstwhile lead developer, now describes himself on Twitter and LinkedIn as the founder of a second exchange —“Assetylene,” a misspelling of a foul-smelling hydrocarbon gas.

Assetylene, which joined Twitter in September 2018, has 71 followers on Twitter and appears—from an early archived copy—to be a copy of the popular “TradeSatoshi” exchange. This would make sense, because Clark, according to his LinkedIn, worked at TradeSatoshi as a senior developer.

But Assetylene, which purports to be “New Zealand’s most advanced crypto trading platform,” appears to have zero liquidity. (And doesn’t even register on CoinMarketCap). Its “about” page is empty. It could merely be that the exchange is still under development, so we have reached out to Clark for comment.

Cryptopia was New Zealand’s largest exchange until it went into administration earlier this month, after suffering a $23 million breach in January.


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