News First Alexander Vinnik Court Hearing Makes no one any...

First Alexander Vinnik Court Hearing Makes no one any Wiser


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Alexander Vinnik has become a famous individual in the world of Bitcoin lately. More specifically, he is the alleged operator of the BTC-E exchange. While it remains to be seen if that is, in fact, true, he had his first court hearing last week. So far, it seems he may not even stand trial in the end. There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding his extradition to the US as well.

It is very much unclear what will happen to Alexander Vinnik in the future. With his first court hearing in the books, very few questions have been answered. It is very likely he will have multiple hearings to determine whether or not he is to stand trial. Considering how he was arrested in July, it is due time we find out more regarding a potential sentencing. Moreover, he may be extradited to the US, but that doesn’t seem likely either at this point.

Alexander Vinnik Case Raises More Questions Than Answers

Vinnik still faces charges of money laundering, fraud, computer hacking, and drug trafficking. Since we still don’t know if he is, in fact, the former BTC-E operator, it remains to be seen how things play out. So far, no evidence has been provided to confirm these allegations. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding Vinnik’s alleged role with BTC-E, that much is certain. Despite admitting he worked for the company, he still isn’t the operator by default.

There is also the fact Vinnik of a Russian national. He is wanted for fraud charges in Russia as well as the US right now. It does appear he is willing to be extradited to Russia. For now, this has not been officially confirmed, though, but it is a real possibility. This tug-of-war between the US and Russia will not be resolved all that easily, though. Especially not when considering how he is still detained in Greece right now. There are a lot of politics at play in this case, that much is evident.

It remains to be seen whether or not Vinnik effectively laundered money through BTC-E. There is evidence of the company processing 95% of all ransomware proceeds. No one knows for sure if this was done willingly, though. There are even more questions than answers as far as the Vinnik case is concerned right now. Moreover, BTC-E is mounting a comeback as we speak. The platform is now known as Wex, although it is not fully operational just yet.

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