NewsEthereum weekly price analysis 22 August: ether's value rises...

Ethereum weekly price analysis 22 August: ether’s value rises early but eventually sinks


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Ethereum weekly price analysis 22 August: ether's value rises early but eventually sinks

Ethereum began the week posting solid price gains but eventually lost steam, causing its value to plummet.

Key takeaways

  • Ethereum enjoyed some healthy gains midway through the week before rocketing back down.
  • Trading volumes ebbed lower over the course of the week, down by one quarter (24%) week-on-week.
  • The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is experimenting with an Ethereum blockchain explorer.

Ethereum kicked off the week Wednesday 15 August at US$287.79. The smart contract-based cryptocurrency fluctuated higher and higher before reaching a weekly high of US$320.36 on Friday 17 August.

Following this positive price movement, Ethereum’s token shed most gains in a 15-hr trading period, slipping down to US$286.55 by the morning of Saturday 18 August. However, the coin climbed back up to US$307.10 on Sunday 19 August but the triumph was short-lived as ether seesawed down to US$273.63 by Monday 20 August.

Despite another swift price jump on Tuesday 21 August, Ethereum is once again being battered lower.

At the time of writing, Ethereum’s token held a value of approximately US$$271.05.

24-hour trading volumes began the week at US$1.87 billion but reduced to US$1.37 billion week-on-week.

Over the last few weeks, cryptocurrency analysts have suggested that Ethereum is likely heading for a price breakout. However, despite testing a few resistance levels, this trading action has yet to come to fruition.

ETHNews said that the ETH/BTC pair is gradually moving lower and may soon test the 0.0415 BTC support area.

The publication’s reporting analyst Aayush Jindal suggests theorizes that there is a “connecting bullish trendline” forming with current support at US$284.00. If the price of ether is able to shoot up again, it needs to break both US$290.00 and US$295.00 resistance levels. The final challenge for buyers remains at US$300.00.

Earlier this week, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) announced that it had built an Ethereum blockchain explorer, allowing users to search for proactively published grants and contributing data.

The council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) will host the explorer on its InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), using a range of services provided by Canadian blockchain software startup Bitaccess.

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