News Ether Kingdoms Free-2-Play Crypto Game Completes Beta Testing &...

Ether Kingdoms Free-2-Play Crypto Game Completes Beta Testing & Conducts Second Round Of Airdrop


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Crypto enthusiasts and gaming lovers will be excited about this following report. Ether Kingdoms is the very first Free-2-Play crypto game with proof-of-stake mining and it brings some really great news – it’s out of the beta testing phase!

The game is different compared to another similar alternative because it offers players some cleverly visualized gameplay and it’s also based on its very own PoS token called Imps.

What are Imps?

Imps are tokens within the game and also central characters that allow players to earn real money. Players can earn significant mining rewards up to 1% per day, and in order to get these, play4ers have to send the maximum number of Imps to the mine.

This number is 10,000. In order to achieve this, players receive a kind of game master node that will guarantee them a steady profit.

The IMP token is already being traded on Mercatox and Forkdelta. Developers are working really hard to make sure that IMP will soon be listed on more exchanges.

Besides having the ability to send Imps to the mine, players can send them to fight another player’s Imps. All they have to do is use the Fight button and specify how many Imps are required.

Players will just have to wait for an opponent to accept the challenge, and the battle goes on in automatic mode.

Ether Kingdoms Free-2-Play Crypto Game Completes Beta Testing & Conducts Second Round Of Airdrop

It’s also worth noting that players can raise the chances of winning by equipping their Imps with artifacts.

Artifacts are ERC721 tokens that make up the collectible component of Ether Kingdoms. They can be sold on unique platforms, or they can be exchanged with more players.

The artifacts can be also traded and used to participate in weekly leaderboards.

As a player, you can also use CryptoKitties tokens in the game as your pets and also receive bonuses.

Ether Kingdoms is out of beta

Ether Kingdoms is out of beta testing, and it will continue to grow and develop. During the upcoming fall-winter Ether Kingdoms players will get a chance to enjoy the following features:

  • New PvP fight mode
  • Clan battles
  • Special locations for groups of players
  • Global and local opponent-bosses
  • New and rechargeable ERC721 tokens
  • Reduced mining rates by half.

Only 50 players will be given a unique artifact that guarantees the maximum mining profit of 1%.

Ether Kingdoms Free-2-Play Crypto Game Completes Beta Testing & Conducts Second Round Of Airdrop

2019 welcomes a fully functional mobile version of the game

In Q1 2019 the developers will release a fully functional mobile version of the game.

This will not support the crypto due to the mobile store policies, but instead, gamers will be able to use the artifacts that they have earned in the mobile version in the browser version of the game.

Token distribution

The economic model of Ether Kingdoms was based on its own token from the very beginning without having to hold an ICO or some other type of presale.

Token distribution respects the following scheme:

  • 15% is reserved for the team and the future development fund
  • 10% is for leaderboards and airdrops
  • 75% is available for mining

The basic development and marketing are carried out using the team’s own funds.

The airdrop makes Ether Kingdoms a Free-2-Play crypto game

Players can get IMP token by receiving them for free during Airdrops mining them or purchasing them at an exchange. The airdrop makes Ether Kingdoms a Free-2-Play crypto game.

The award for each finished quest will be a box that comes with IMPs and an artifact sometimes.

You can start playing the game today without even having to buy the tokens. The total airdrop pool is 350,000 IMP, and this is expected to go really fast.

Ether Kingdoms Free-2-Play Crypto Game Completes Beta Testing & Conducts Second Round Of Airdrop

Here’s what’s new in the August release:

  • over 25 artifacts
  • support for 120+ levels
  • the ability to purchase artifact loot boxes
  • new quest chains
  • functionalities that include integration of CryptoKitties ERC721 tokens

You can learn more about Ether Kingdoms by heading over to the official website here. You can also read the white paper by heading over here.

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