News Encrypgen Announces ICO Camapaign as it Creates Blockchain-Based Genomic...

Encrypgen Announces ICO Camapaign as it Creates Blockchain-Based Genomic Data Management Solution


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Encrypgen is one of a kind blockchain company which is currently involved in the development of distributed ledger solution for biological and healthcare sciences sector. As a part of its development roadmap, the company has recently announced the launch of its ICO. The crowdsale allows the community to become part of the project by investing in Gene-Chain Coin.
The Gene-Chain suite, currently being developed by Encrypgen will enable individuals, hospitals, and laboratories to store and manage genomic data. The use of blockchain technology ensures added security and transparency, which is much required when it comes to handling confidential data.
Currently, the beta version of Gene-Chain suite has three products to meet varying needs of the institutions. All these solutions— Gene-Chain Link, Gene-Chain Lab, and Gene-Chain Commerce, are designed to integrate and work flawlessly with the existing systems, which in turn makes the transition from legacy to blockchain systems easier for organizations.The easy availability and affordability of gene sequencing services allow people to get their own genomes sequenced for a small price. The genomic sequences are used for diagnosis of existing conditions and also to identify the susceptibility of a person to contact many gene-linked diseases or disorders. With more people opting for such services, the Gene-Chain solution provided by Encrypgen will also enable individuals to safeguard and track their personal genetic information.
The ongoing Encrypgen ICO will enable the company to raise the required funds for further development of the platform. The company has set the fundraising target at 1000 BTC. Investors can become part of Encrypgen’s initiative by purchasing Gene-Chain Coin. Those willing to become part of the upcoming healthcare revolution can buy Gene-Chain Coin with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and DASH.
Early bird investors stand a chance to receive 76000 Gene-Chain Coins per bitcoin, which is set to reduce by 5% each passing week. Those investing over 5 BTCs will be eligible to receive an additional 5% of the tokens. Also, the highest contributor during the crowdsale will be awarded 1 million extra tokens, further increasing their participation/state in the initiative.
With another 37 days to go, cryptocurrency community members and investors can take part in the ongoing ICO by visiting the company’s website.
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