News Easier Blockchain App Creation Is Proxeus Goal

Easier Blockchain App Creation Is Proxeus Goal


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ANTOINE VERDON: Using Proxeus, we tried to build a system ahead of its time. Twenty years ago, when you wanted to create a website, you had to open a blank page, and try to write in HTML code. Then, when Patrick and I met a couple of years ago, werealized that blockchain is pretty much at the same stage today. If you want to create a blockchain application, then you won’t create a new blockchain, but everything that comes on top of the blockchain must be programmed manually.

And for that you need experts, you need long-time commitment and budget. We tried to solve that by looking at what makes almost all blockchain applications, what they all have in common. I think they all have in common a set of workflows and documents at their core, and that’s what we created with Proxeus. It’s a toolbox that allows you to create this blockchain application, so we can teach where you put on the blockchain. You can recreate your business workflows, connect them to smart contracts, and then on top, put your own design to start serving your customers with a new blockchain competitive approach.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: So if somebody who’s technically adept comes there, they can find all the tools they need to get a blockchain app created?

ANTOINE VERDON:  Yeah, anyone can create a blockchain application using our tool without knowing how to program without writing advanced code.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Okay. So the goals for this are what, specifically? To create one-stop shopping for blockchain? 

ANTOINE VERDON: The goals are to make easier for organizations to start choosing blockchain. Currently the entry barrier is quite high, and they don’t know where to start, or they take all this time creating the applications, and we allow them to very quickly get the project back together just by using taking advantage of blockchain. And we’ve been working with a series of companies in different fields, in trade finance … We’ve been working with a contemporary arts fair, helping them organize the assets. We are currently working with Switzerland, helping them improve the company creation process. And in each case, we start by looking at the current business workflows they are using. We recreate those workflows using our tool, and so can we see if it is a workflow engine and document generator, or instead of choosing Word Documents and SAP … you start creating workflows and creating input forms, so that the users can input their information, and that’s the basis for their blockchain system.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Now, compliance is a huge issue, particularly here in the United States right now. Is there any tool in there that will assure that what you’re creating is compliant, or is that up to the individual?

ANTOINE VERDON: Compliance is not an issue using our tool, because all you do is transfer the current processes you have and make them compatible with the blockchain ecosystem. Then, of course, once you are active on the blockchain, if you use cryptocurrencies, if you’re writing to create your own token, then you must make sure that you follow the different tools, but blockchain, we think, brings a lot and helps companies improve their business processes without requiring them to create then their own cryptocurrencies.

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