Data from Google Trends shows searches for “online casinos Australia have quadrupled

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Australians seem to be turning to online gambling since the pandemic lockdown has caused ‘’offline’’ casinos and pubs to shut down.

According to a database that tracks the expenditure patterns of thousands of heaps of Australians, spending money in web casinos increased at least sixty-seven percent in the course of the previous week compared to the average weekly expenditure. Also, expenditure on alcohol and tobacco expanded via 33 percent.

Recent data from Google Trends shows searches for “online casinos Australia”, ”online Australian casino” and “online poker” have quadrupled since the coronavirus pandemic was declared.

The greatest surge in searches was recorded on March 22, the day that a huge number of clubs and gambling spots had to close their entryways in light of the administration’s coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Daniel an online casino webmaster said that:

‘’The average number of individuals that play poker online has multiplied by at least two-fold or more. In light of COVID-19, they’ve been trying to locate these online choices. Since gambling spots and casinos are shut, the market sort of moved from live to the web.’’

What the online gamblers are saying

Malcolm Trayner used to visit casinos constantly to play his favourite game – poker. Now  he’s gone completely to virtual poker since COVID-19 began.

Like Daniel, he too watched an amazing number of online poker players entering the online casino scene, saying: “Unexpectedly, when the COVID-19 situation hit Australia, online poker players numbers went to another level.

“The shareholders of online casinos in Australia that own these websites are going to get a pretty heavy pay check when this so-called ‘’pandemic lockdown is going to end. When more and more individuals (playing web poker) enter the online poker scene, they make the prize pool to be increased significantly. This builds the potential cash earned from playing the game exponentially.” he said. In simpler terms, when you win you win a ton.”

Casino Slots

Image source jackpot slots by Syndicate casino

What the Experts Say

Dr Rebecca Jenkinson, supervisor of the Australian Gambling Research Centre, stated that Australians are the largest per capita spenders in gambling activities in the whole world.

Dr. Rebecca also said that a lot of that cash will be going to unlicensed providers, in particular now, she said. There are offshore operators around the world that pop-up like mushrooms in places you can’t imagine.

And, while there are a lot of profiteers in the interior of Australia (like Daniel from above), there is a lot of extra competition from outside of Australia from companies who want to capitalize on Australians gambling preferences.

Webmasters from outside Australia who target the Australian gambling market are building their websites in a way to look appealing to the Australian market. Some of these websites have kangaroos or koalas on them so they seem to be more ‘’Australian’’.

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